I hope everyone is having a great Friday! On this blog you can expect a review on Friday of a product or service I paid for and what I thought of it.  This week we are going to talk about Honeyfund.

Andrew and I created a wedding website where guests could RSVP, find directions, hotel recommendations, photos and registry information.  We had already been living together and my husband has more kitchen gadgets than we can currently house in our town home, so we knew that we wanted to create a smaller traditional registry and a place where people could contribute to our dream honeymoon.

After reviewing different options, I ended up going with Honeyfund, partially because it is probably the one most people are familiar with and because their fees were comparable or better than other sites.  Honeyfund charges the couple 2.8% + .30 per gift.  I appreciated the fact that the fees were passed onto the couple and not the guests.

Honeyfund offers the basic free version which does include ads or for $39.95 you can sign up for the Honeyfund Elite version which offers design templates, no ads, cover photos, a guestbook and links to your other registries.  We chose Honeyfund Elite, in addition to the additional services on the site we received a coupon for $100 dollar off if you spend $700 at Hotels.com, a discount code for ebags.com and a free honeymoon album from Shutterfly.  Your honeyfund account stays active for one year after your wedding.

Honeyfund has tons of gifts you can choose from and will give you suggestions based on where you are going.  You can fully customize all of the gifts and we tried to account for all different types of budgets.  Honeyfund allows your guests to choose from gifts like dinner for two, one night at a hotel suite or a spa day.  You can also set up a Honeyfund to help you purchase your first home or gifts for your first year of marriage like date nights, housekeeping, etc.  Honeyfund has two options for withdrawing your funds we pay or paypal.  I used we pay and linked a bank account to it.  You can choose how often funds are deposited in your account.  I found we pay to be super easy to use.  The one part that is interesting about honeyfund, is that although your guest are choosing a specific gift you just receive cash to apply it as you need.

In the end, we were so fortunate that about half of our gifts came from Honeyfund and we were able to have the honeymoon of our dreams in Italy.