I wanted to take a moment to address my break in blogging.

Leading up to the presidential election, I felt excited that there was finally a woman running.  It is hard to believe something is possible when we haven’t seen it done before.  A women has never gotten the chance to show how fierce and amazing she can be at holding the highest office in this country, we haven’t gotten a chance to prove the doubters wrong.  I have no doubt that a woman can be a great president, but I looked forward to our country being able to see that.  I like many felt sure this was our time.  I believed that there was no way our citizens would condone the behavior of Donald Trump.  When he won I was completely heart broken. I felt betrayed by my own country.

To me it meant that our country was saying that it is okay for the person holding the highest office in the United States of America to belittle, assault, criticize a women’s appearance, equate a women’s appearance with her worth as a person, and sexualize women, including minors.  I grew very anxious that America normalizing or justifying this kind of behavior made our country a more dangerous place for me and other women.

I felt outraged, depressed and shocked.  I had to take myself off of social media and this blog because I was seeing red.  I could not have a productive conversation with someone, I really just wanted the people who voted for Trump to feel how badly hurt I was.  I wanted them to feel my rage.

So, I took a break, practiced some self-care and the bitch is back.  I will give no one the power to silence my voice.  I will use my money to support organizations I believe in and boycott those I don’t, I will speak up when someone says or does something inappropriate.  Ladies, I got your back! Men we both need and want you to join us in this fight.  We have not reached a place of equality yet in our country and we must do everything we can to make the world a place where women feel safe, where they see other strong female role models in positions of leadership, where they have the same earning power as men and where they do not carry the majority of household responsibility, so they can succeed in careers they choose.

I hope to continue to bring you content that interests you.  Some of that content will be serious and some more superficial.  I will continue to write about things that I am passionate about whether that be the perfect summer sandal or rape culture in America.

Much Love,