My husband is both an excellent cook and amateur food critic.  So naturally I hate cooking for him.  I consider myself to be a decent cook and I used to scour Pinterest looking for recipes only to be disappointed by how they turned out.  We both work and when I heard people were using meal services like this I jumped at the opportunity.  Just a disclaimer, I paid for all of these services myself and these are my honest opinions.

We first tried Blue Apron, while I appreciated not having to shop and have a decent meal come together, my husband wasn’t crazy about the taste and I didn’t think their recipes were super healthy.

Next, I decided to give Hello Fresh a try about a month ago, and we have been sold ever since.  We started out doing the plan that gave you four meals a month, but some weeks when we were unexpectedly busy and I would feel the pressure to make sure we cooked all the meals because I feel awful wasting food and money.  Now we are on the three meals per week plan and right now that seems like the perfect balance.  We use them during the week when we are busy and I can throw a meal together in about 30 minutes.

It comes in a box with ice packs to keep it cold, while it patiently waits for you to get home and take it off your porch.


When you unpack the contents you will find:


It comes with boxes with ingredients organized by meal, the proteins and recipe instruction cards.  These cards include an accurate count of how long the recipe will take to make, calorie count and step by step instructions on the back.

Every week you can log on to their website or app and have five dinner choices to choose from, they now even include one fancy breakfast option you can choose instead of a dinner.  You also have the option of skipping a week or more if you are busy.

They offer a classic box option and the veggie box option (for herbivores) which is 3 meals a week for two or four people at $9.99 per person, per meal. Or the family box option which also includes three meals for $8.74 per person. per meal.

You can try Hello Fresh by clicking here for $40 dollars off your first delivery.