I have just completed my first week and half of the Sweat: Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Workouts.  I am using her app which I downloaded in the Apple app store.  There is a one week free trial and then it charges you $19.99 a month to continue using the app.  The app also works with the apple watch, however I have found it to be glitchy, so I stopped using that feature.

Let’s go over some of the features:


Currently, the schedule it plans for me includes: three resistance workouts, three cardio workouts, one active recovery and one rest day.  There is also a weekly challenge you can complete that changes from week to week.

You don’t have to follow the planner, but it does help you to stay on track.

Resistance Work Outs


Currently, I have a leg work out, arm & abs work out, and a full body resistance workout to complete.  Each workout is divided into 4 seven minute circuits with a 30 second break between.  They take about 30 minutes to complete, which I find to be a really easy amount of time to squeeze in, making it harder to come up with an excuse to not work out.  When I looked over the workout I thought it didn’t look very hard, but I am sweating my buns off by the time I finish every time.


They let you know what equipment you are going to need for each workout.  Which helps me gather everything I need before, so I am not running around looking for supplies during the circuit.  The nice part is the workouts do not use fancy equipment, so doing this at home is totally doable.  I do some at home and some at the gym.


They have work out playlists already created for you or you can access the your own playlists or music through the app.

Here are some examples of the types of exercises they have had me do this week:

At the end of the work out, they lead you through an optional cool down.

Cardio Work Outs

Right now they have me doing 3 LISS workouts a week.  All that means is that I am supposed to go on a 40 to 60 min walk.  Later they incorporate HIIT workouts, which are interval workouts where you switch between sprinting and walking.


You have one active recovery day a week where they lead you through different stretches and use a foam roller.  Then you have one rest day where you do not do any working out.


Food Planning & Education

IMG_4495      IMG_4498

They have a daily food planner with recipes.  Which I must admit I have not used once.  I have made a conscious effort to eat healthier and adopt some of the ideas she had for meals.  However, I have definitely had cheat meals.

She also offers reading materials to educate you on exercise and nutrition.

So far, I have really enjoyed the program.  I find it easy to fit into my daily schedule and they were a few times this week I even found myself looking forward to my workout and carving out time that is just for me.

The real question is does this give you results?  So, I will be checking back in at the end of the first four weeks and letting you know my progress.