So far, I have really been enjoying the BBG program!!  I truly believe it is easier when you have the right equipment.  The beautiful thing about the BBG program is that you can do the workouts at home or at the gym.  Here is some of the equipment you will need for the first 12 weeks:


A great workout top and sports bra that you feel comfortable in and gives you the support you need.

Kate Spade New York Bow Back Top $106

A pair of workout bottoms that you can move comfortably in.  I love these by Stella and I am a firm believer that a cute workout outfit is sometimes the motivation I need to get my butt moving.

Zella ‘Hatha’ High Waist Crop Leggings $52

A great fitting pair of athletic shoes. I just got these as a present to myself and I love how flexible the bottoms are, they make burpees and pylometrics so much easier.

Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe

These water bottles are super cute and cheaper than the aluminum Swell bottles.  The main point is make sure you have water on hand while you work out.

Water Bottle

These are a must and used almost every workout.

Dumbbells (Pricing depends on weight)

If you aren’t ready to invest in a medicine ball, you can use your dumbbells instead.  This is the medicine ball I use at home and for the price I would say it is worth having one.

Medicine Ball $29.99

An exercise mat is essential because you will be on the floor doing sit-ups, etc. and you want to be comfortable.

Exercise Mat $19.99

Kayla uses a foam roller every week in her active recovery sessions.  Plus it hurts so good!!!

Foam Roller $13.51

Kayla introduces the jump rope in week 2 and besides jumping in place there is no good substitute for a good old fashioned jump rope.

Jump Rope $7.31


Optional Equipment

For both the bench and step bench you can find things around the house you can use instead.  Eventually you may want to invest in one, as they are used all the time and it is key to have something stable to do these exercises on.

Bench $40.99

Step Bench $30.33


I need to have fast paced music blaring when I work out.  I prefer not to have to mess with cords or wear an armband.  These headphone are great, but after sometime they stopped working and I contacted their support and they had a new pair of headphones to me in 2 days!

Bluetooth Headphones

Now that I have gotten the hang of using the Sweat by Kayla app on my apple watch I love using it.  Plus, it works great to keep track of your LIIS and HIIT workouts.

Apple Watch

I love seeing your cute workout outfits on Instagram, so add Thenewlymrsb and keep sharing.  Also, comment below if you have a piece of equipment or workout gear you would like to recommend.