The Popsugar Must Have Box is a monthly lifestyle subscription box that costs $39.95 and ships once a month.  The boxes includes a wide variety of products from new and known: fashion, beauty and home brands.   Each month’s box has a curated theme.

April’s Theme:



MakersKit – Crystal Sand Art Terrarium Kit

This kit includes everything you need to make the crystal sand art terrarium.  It was super easy to put together and is currently residing on my nightstand.  While, this is something I would have never bought organically, it ended up being a fun little project.  This product retails for $32.

Morning Culture – Dipped Bamboo Cutting Board

This is not the most exciting product in the box for me.  It is small in size to function as a cutting board.  I could see myself creating a cheese board on it while hosting.  As you can see from the photo the hand dipped paint isn’t uniform in coverage.  This cutting board retails for $22.

Tonic Australia – Lavender Sachets

This product smells amazing! The sachets are filled with dried lavender and are 100% cotton fabric. I love using lavender scented products in my home, for its calming properties.  The fabric used to make these sachets is fun and they seem to be high quality.  I put one in my pajama drawer, so when I crawl in bed I have a light relaxing lavender scent on my clothes.  The sachets retail for $15.

The Cottage Greenhouse – Carrot & Neroli Rich & Repair Body Wash

Discovering amazing new products like this one is the reason I keep subscribing to these boxes.  This body wash is amazing!!  It creates an amazing lather, has a light-weight formula, and your feel super moisturized after using it.  It contains: coconut oil, cocoa butter, and honey.  The box also included a 30% off coupon for future orders.  I totally see myself ordering this product in the future and trying out other products from this brand.  This body wash retails for $23.

Cocolab – CocoFloss

This floss is infused with coconut-oil and has soft micro-fiber filaments that are designed to scrub your teeth.  I do think that this worked better than normal floss. However, I wasn’t particularly excited to get floss in my Popsugar box.  This floss retails for $8

Nourishing Snacks – Holy Habanero

These are habanero-seasoned roasted corn kernels.  I have to admit I love the roasted corn kernels covered in ranch seasoning from the gas station, so I was happy to try a “healthier” version of the snack.  They are good and deliver on having a spicy kick. The suggested retail price for these is $1.99.

Pronamel – Strong & Bright Enamel, Extra Fresh Toothpaste

This toothpaste is considered a special extra item.   This new toothpaste is fortified with minerals to help strengthen enamel and polish teeth.  It isn’t super minty, which I miss in a toothpaste.  The suggested retail price is $5.99.

Overall Verdict:

This box has a retail value of $102, which from what I understand is on the low side for a Popsugar box.  This is only my second Popsugar box and I haven’t been super happy with them so far.  The products seem kinda random for the most part and often not things I would want to buy myself.  I am giving this box one more month to wow me, before I cancel.

If you are interested in trying the Popsugar Must Have Box click here.

The theme of the upcoming May box is: