So, I have been following the BBG program and I have been wanting a little more guidance on the nutrition part.  Since nutrition is such an important piece in our overall health. I decided to try the 21 day fix, and no I am not a beach body coach, nor will I be suggesting you buy their overpriced products. I will show you a simple and low-cost guide to starting the 21 day fix. I have also paired up with CarrieElle on Etsy to bring one lucky winner this super helpful Wellness Journal specially designed with the 21 day fix in mind. It will allow you to track your food and exercise, as well as help you meal plan and create a shopping list. CarrieElle has cute meal planners, budget planners, and more!

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Portion Control Containers

The 21 Day Fix uses containers for portion control. Each container is for a different food group. I purchased my containers on amazon, you can find them by clicking here. They are under ten dollars and work the same as the more expensive beach body containers.

The Green Container is for measuring vegetables.

The Purple Container is for measuring fruits.

The Red Container is for measuring proteins.

The Yellow Container is for carbohydrates.

The Blue Container is for healthy fats and cheeses.

The Two Orange Containers are for seeds and dressings.

Grey is for a teaspoon of oil and dressings.

How to Determine How Many Containers You Will Use a Day

The formula to calculate your target calories is:

  • Your current weight in lbs.
  • Your current weight in lbs. X 11 = Your Baseline
  • Your Baseline + 400 = Your Calorie Need
  • Your Caloric Need – 750 (calorie deficit) = Target Calories

Personally, I think 750 is a high calorie deficit, if you want to lose weight slower or do a less extreme version you can change this number to 500 or 250.

My Example:

  • 135 Current  Weight
  • 135 X 11= 1,474 (Your Baseline)
  • 1,474 + 400 = 1,874 (Your Caloric Need)
  • 1,874 – 750 (Caloric Deficit) = 1,124 (Target Calories)

If your target calories is under 1200, then stick to the 1200 target.  If your target calories is more than 2,300, then use the 2,300 calories target.

If you feel hungry between meals, they recommend you eat an extra green container.

1200 Calories Target

3 Green Containers (Vegetables)

2 Purple Containers (Fruit)

4 Red Containers (Protein)

2 Yellow Containers (Carbohydrates)

1 Blue Container (Healthy fats & Cheeses)

1 Orange Container (Seeds & Dressings)

2 Teaspoons Oil

1500 Calorie Target Add the Following to the 1200 Calorie Target Containers

1 Additional Green Container (Vegetables)

1 Additional Purple Container (Fruit)

1 Additional Yellow Container (Carbohydrates)

1800 Calorie Target Add the Following to the 1200 Calorie Target Containers

2 Additional Green Containers (Vegetables)

1 Additional Purple Container (Fruit)

1 Additional Red Container (Protein)

2 Additional Yellow Containers (Carbohydrates)

2300 Calorie Target Add the Following to the 1200 Calorie Target Containers

3 Additional Green Containers (Vegetables)

2 Additional Purple Containers (Fruit)

2 Additional Red Containers (Protein)

3 Additional Yellow Containers (Carbohydrates)

Foods that are Allowed on the 21 Day Fix (Shopping Guide)


Shopping List

Since, this is probably hard to read you can download the .pdf version here: 21 DAY FIX APPROVED FOODS

Meal Planning

Here are some recipes I used in planning my first week:

21 Day Fix Chicken Salad

Southwest Chicken Skewers

Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Blueberry Muffins

Protein powder counts as one red container and it is great for a quick post-work out boost or a snack. For protein powder, there is no need to buy the Beach Body protein powder. I just used my favorite from Unico Nutrition.

I hope this helps you get started! Next week I will be doing an in-depth 21 Day Fix Meal Planning blog post, so stay tuned. If you are looking for a fun workout to do this week, check out my last Fitness Friday post by clicking here!

Comment below with your favorite 21 Day Fix Recipes!