This is my second Ellie Box delivery and I have to say after my first one, I was excited to get another one! To check out April’s Ellie Box click here.  The Ellie Box is a women’s fitness apparel and accessory subscription box that comes once a month and costs $49.95. Each box comes with 5 pieces. Right now they are offering new subscribers their rose gold aluminum water bottle for free is you order now using the code MAYBOTTLE.  If you are interested in subscribing click here.

Ellie Box Review May 2017


This month’s box included a cute medium support grey sport bra with removable pads, a grey tank made from a really breathable material that is great to work out in, and a pair of capris.  The capri’s have a really cute mesh detailing above the floral print that adds a fun element to the pants.  Overall, I was happy with the quality and
the selection of the apparel this month.


Ellie May Box 2017 Accessories

This month’s box included the Ellie small workout tote (which I also got last month, so not so exciting), the Manduka arm cell phone holder, and a hand therapy set.  While, I thought they did a great job with apparel this month, the accessories left me feeling less than enthused. The Manduka arm holder is not the best quality and I already have one that I love for my runs.

The one I prefer is the Arm Pocket and it is easily holds my phone and keys.  It is a little on the pricey side, but after buying a bunch of cheap ones that were always sliding off my arm I am happy to pay a bit more for something that performs better.

The hand therapy set included three different balls that have different resistance levels.  They are not something I would ever buy or see myself using in the future.

Overall, I give this box a 7 out of 10.  It delivered on the apparel, but was lacking in the accessories department. Still, I consider it to be a fun box, that is worth the value.