I have noticed that after doing the same workout for a while, I start to lose some of the excitement I had when I first started, and then comes the dread.  The last two weeks of BBG round 1, I began to dread every workout. What I needed was to bring some fun back into my workouts.

Today, I want to talk about some ways to bring the fun back into working out. To get into the spirit, I partnered with Sport Hoops to GIVEAWAY one Sports Hoop to a lucky subscriber. Did you know you can burn 400 calories an hour hula hooping? The Sports Hoop is a weighted hoop designed to trim down your waist, glutes, back and hip muscles. It is the perfect outdoor summer workout!! Not only can you use it to traditionally, you can also use it to balance during squats, barre exercises, and for stretching your workout. Check out all of Sports Hoops workout videos. 

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Five Ways to Add More Fun to Your Workouts

Workout with a Friend

Grab a friend to be your workout buddy, this helps keep you accountable and makes working out more fun. Or meet new friends, by trying out a new class or joining a run club. There is also a fun new app called workout buddies, that can pair you with people in your area.

Try Something New

Getting out there and trying something out of your comfort zone, can re spark your interest in working out! Whether it be getting the whole family out biking, using your Sports Hoop, or taking a hip hop dance class trying something new can bust you out of your workout slump.

Create a New Workout Playlist

I know that when I am running, having a new playlist can make all of the difference. I have the Apple music membership, which allows me to listen/download any song that I want. You can also search for tons of playlists out there and share your favorite playlists with friends.

Work Towards a Goal

I have to be constantly pushing towards a new goal or else I get bored. With my running, I try to always have a race that I am signed up for. I am currently training for a 10k, making that my new goal. Or if your goal is weight loss, try breaking it down into smaller goals like losing 5 lbs. or fitting into a new size.

Reward Yourself

When you hit your workout goals reward yourself. After my 10k race, I plan on rewarding myself with a new pair of running shoes to train for a half-marathon. Or buy yourself some clothes that show off your slimmer figure.  They can also be experiences like signing up for a race in a city you have always wanted to travel to. On a budget, I try to reward myself by taking a bubble bath with a DIY face mask or giving myself a few hours to cozy up with a book with no guilt.

Let me know in the comment section below what you do to bust out of a workout slump!

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