I am back from a family reunion with the in-laws and had a great time out at Table Rock Lake. I ate way too many ice cream sandwiches, but it was all worth it. Now, it is time to get back into my regular fitness and blogging schedule.

I am super excited to be reviewing a brand new box I was gifted. The Stride Box is a monthly subscription box geared towards runners of all levels. It is $15 per month and auto-renews each month. I am currently training for my first 10k, so getting a fun box like this is the perfect thing to keep me motivated. Each box contains 4 to 6 items, and can “include anything from energy bars, gels, and other foods to apparel, gadgets, and other fun extras. Each month is a surprise, and allows you to discover and experience new brands and products without doing all the legwork of finding them.” (Stride Box)

What is inside the June 2017 Stride Box

Stride Box Review June 2017

KaKookies – Energy Cookie

This cookie is packed with nutritious ingredients! It is soft, chewy and delicious. It is designed to sustain energy and fight cravings. Each box included one cookie. The cookies retail at $24 per dozen, putting the value of this item at $2.

Kramp Krusher – Energy Gummies – Orange

These are the perfect endurance chew formulated to improve performance and eliminate cramps. This is the perfect thing to bring on a longer run. They are Vegan, Caffeine-Free, and Gluten-Free. They retail for $35.88 for 12 pouches, making the value of this item $2.99.

Endurance Tap – Energy Gel Alternative

This is a new product we got the opportunity to try and is designed for those long endurance runs to give you easy to digest energy on the go. They contain Canadian Maple Syrup in a resealable pouch. They retail for $34.54 for a dozen, making the value of this item $2.87.

Spring – Electroride Drink

This is another fun new electrolyte and energy sports drink mix. I love having a electrolyte drink before or during my run, so getting to try this new one was the perfect item for me. They retail at $11.99 for 6 pouches, putting the value of this item at just under $2.

Gorilly Goods – Organic Snacks

This trail mix was super good and packed with nutritious ingredients perfect to keep your sugar levels right after a run. This trail mix contains: organic raisins, organic almonds, organic cashews, organic pecans, organic cacao nibs (cacao beans, coconut nectar, sea salt), organic pumpkin seeds, organic goji berries, organic pineapple, organic coconut, sea salt. It retails for $26.28 per dozen, putting the value of this item at $2.19.

Stride Box Essentials – Mesh Gear Stuff Sack

This mesh back is perfect for stuffing your dirty gym clothes in or packing snack for the beach! It can be used in lots of different ways. This sack is valued at $9.99

This box also included a fun recipe card for chocolate peanut butter cup “ice cream” and a fun interval running workout. It also, had a “outrun your excuses” sticker.

I loved getting my first stride box! The total value of this box is $22.04. It is the perfect pick me up to keep me motivated on my running journey and a fun way to try new products. If you are interested in subscribing click here.

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