For me running is not something I am naturally gifted at. I have never run a 7 minute mile or had the grace of other runners, yet running has helped me to find moments of peace in this busy world and admire what my own body can do.


Roxy 5k
Running the Roxy 5k this Weekend with Courtney

Why I Love to Run


Minimalism & A Quiet Mind

One of my favorite things about running is that is doesn’t require a ton of gear to get started, all you need is some workout clothes that you are comfortable in, and a good pair of running shoes, everything else is just extra.  Lately, I have been striving to live a life where I appreciate what I have, and keep only what I need or love. Let me tell you this is a process! Running has helped to realize that I don’t need fancy gyms or workout clothes. When I am running I am only trying to please one person, myself.  I feel no judgment when running, and no critical inner dialogue, I just am able to be in the moment. With someone who has a busy and anxious mind, finding moments of quiet are pure bliss. I find joy in being able to push my body a little more each week, and feel grateful for the progress I am making.


I am a very goal oriented person, and someone who likes a plan. Some might call me a type-A personality. With running, there are so many bench marks along the way you can achieve. The first time I could easily run a full 30-minutes, I truly felt like a runner for the first time. I love challenging myself by signing up for races, and keeping up with my runs to reach my goal. Also, running can be a social activity as well. In my area, there are tons of running clubs and adventure runs for when you feel like sharing the road with new people.

Quality Time With My Best Friend

I am pretty much obsessed with my dog Brutus, he is by far my favorite running buddy. He is always excited, he pushes me to run on days I would rather sit on the couch. Brutus and I become very in tune with each other when running, and seeing those ridiculous ears blowing around in the breeze, helps me to find joy everyday.

Running with my Dog

Spending Time in Nature

I am not a treadmill runner, I enjoy getting outside everyday. It helps be find peace, and appreciate all of the natural beauty of this earth. It has made me more environmentally conscious, than I was before. If you are a new runner, I totally recommend you get outside, and enjoy your local trails.  In the summer, that means getting up early before work to beat the heat.  This has given me the benefit of being able to center myself before coming into the office.  On the weekends, I love to check out new places to run.


I know that this article didn’t spend a ton of time on the fitness aspect of running, but you will get all of those benefits as well. For me, the most important thing is a healthy mind and body. Running helps me to achieve both of those things.


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Happy running everyone!!!

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