Hi Everyone! I am more than halfway done with my 10k training, and I have my first 10k race coming up on August 13th! I am very thankful that StrideBox gifted me with this subscription for my review. It always helps keep me motivated, and lets me check out fun new products. StrideBox is a monthly subscription box that costs $15 dollars per month.  It is filled with fuel to keep you going and fun gear.

Stride Box July 2017

The Gluten Free Bar – Oatmeal Raisin

The Gluten Free Bar - Oatmeal Rasin

This bar is obviously Gluten Free, but it is also free of soy and dairy. It is the perfect pre-run or post-run snack. I found it to be tasty and surprisingly filling. This bar retails at $28 per dozen, bringing this item’s value to $2.33.

Science In Sport – Isotonic Energy Gel

Science in Sport - Isotonic Energy Gel - Orange

I am currently saving these for when I start my half-marathon training. Gels are perfect to use on runs that are longer than an hour to keep your body fueled. This product retails for $9.99 for 6 pouches, bringing this item’s value to $1.66

Nuun – Performance – Blueberry Strawberry

Nuun - Performance - Blueberry Strawberry

This is a brand new product, designed to be used before or during long runs, or intense workouts to give you electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep you hydrated. This product retails for $24 for 12 pouches, bringing this item’s value to $2.

Swish – Energy Mouth Rinse

Swish - Energy Mouth Rinse

This is a brand new product and it really different than anything I have seen before. It is designed to end runner’s breath and is described as, “a science-driven oral rinse designed to freshen breath, enhance alertness, and maintain endurance.” It retails for $10.99 for six bottles, bringing this item’s value to $1.85.

Kinesys – Performance Sunscreen

Kinesys - Performance Suncreen

I was excited to see this product, especially in such a cute travel size. I am always slathering up with sunscreen and wearing a hat while running to try a prevent sun damage to my skin.  This product is SPF 30 and is sweat resistant. This product retails for $7.99.

StrideBox Essential – 2017 Hydration Vessel

StrideBox Essential - 2017 Hydration Vessel

This water bottle holds 20 oz. and it perfect to bring with you on a run. This product retails for $6.99.

Every month inside your StrideBox you will also receive a workout, and a healthy recipe. This month it was a body weight leg workout, and recipe for chunky monkey baked oatmeal.

Last week, I talked about how I learned to fall in love with running, if you missed the post check it out here. On that blog post you can enter to win a running headband from Headbands4Fitness on Etsy. Today is the last day to enter!!