I wanted to create a space where you can easily shop the products I love and use in my posts. Happy shopping!!!

Workout Clothes


I love the tab on the bottom of these socks they totally stay in place during my runs or BBG workouts. Plus they come in totally cute colors.

These shoes are a great deal and I use them running.

These are my BBG shoes, I love how flexible the bottom is, it makes it super easy to do burpees and other exercises.

I wish I could wear this pants every minute of my life.  Yes, they are crazy expensive, but they really do make me feel supported in all the right places.  I own them in different colors and buy a new one every season to add to my collection.

This sports bra makes me feel super supported when running or working out. If you have a larger chest like me a good sports bra is a must!!!!

Okay, I am a little self-conscious in some running shorts, but not these!!! These shorts are the perfect length and are a necessity during summer runs.


These are the items I have for my home workouts! Check out my blog post on the equipment needed for the first 12 weeks of the BBG Program.



Unico Nutrition Inc.

I am so obsessed with Unico’s products that I decided to become an ambassador for their line.  I love the Intense Pre-Workout, Pro-Endurance BCAA, and their protein powder.  Basically, I love it all and I feel like it helps me with my workout performance and recovery. Click here to shop!!



See my book review here.

See my book review here.